Committees of the Maine Children’s Growth Council

Family drawingThe Maine Children’s Growth Council was charged in statute to perform specific duties intended to improve the social and financial investments in Maine’s young children and their families. The structure of the Council reflects an organization whose function is to ensure ongoing accountability of the system in conjunction with the legislative and executive branches of government, municipal and community leaders, parents, youth and providers.

Council committees: Communication, Early Learning & Development, Health Accountability, Family, Sustainability, and Professional Development Accountability. (Originally committees were called Accountability Teams, some have retained that title.)

The Council has adopted a committee structure that engages the expertise and commitment of individuals and furthers our mission. Each member of the Council participates in at least one committee that reports regularly to the full council. Every committee has co-chairs, one of which is a Council member. Council meetings are open to the public.

The Council charges the committee with advancing their identified area of the Council’s strategic plan. Committee focus areas are developed by members based on the plan. Members are then asked to develop their workplan by determining which of their focus areas:

  • Have an identified “champion” to create improvements in the system, thus the committee will monitor this area;
  • Have some organized effort underway, thus, the committee will support the existing work; and
  • Need the committee’s active leadership and thus, intensive involvement.

Contact us today if you would like to participate in the committees of the Maine Children’s Growth Council.

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