Early Learning and Childhood Development Committee

group of multi age in hug-smThe work of the Early Learning and Development Committee encompasses the goal of the Maine Children’s Growth Council that “All Maine children will have access to high quality, inclusive early learning and development programs.” To ensure that all Maine children, including children with special needs, have access to quality, affordable, accessible and inclusive early care and education and to ensure that Maine will have a stable, qualified high quality early childhood workforce. This committee is currently inactive. Historically, it has been a very valuable resource in supporting quality, access, and affordability of early learning and child development programs and services in Maine.

Quality for ME, Maine’s Early Care and Education Rating System has a web-based tool that you can access at www.qualityforme.org/QRIS_Enrollment/state.aspx. The purpose of this instrument is to allow individuals to access a monthly enrollment report for Maine’s child care Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS).  At this link you can access information for the State of Maine or any county of interest for more local information. You can always get this information at this web address, but you will receive monthly reminders as the information is updated.

Contact us for more information if you would like to work on this committee or have more information about early learning and child development work of the Maine Children’s Growth Council.

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