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The Council produced two 30 second television ads: Brain Architecture and We See You See, which aired May, 2011 in three media regional markets: Portland, Bangor, and Presque Isle (261 times in Portland, 190 times in Bangor and 72 times in Presque Isle) during the morning and evening news, and prime time including Red Sox/Yankees, American Idol, and Jeopardy.



Brain Hero, Harvard Center for Developing Child



Secret Life of the Brain, the Baby’s Brain (PBS)



“Paradigm Shift, Investing in Tomorrows Workforce Today” was produced by the  Maine Early Learning Investment Group (MELIG),  a group of Maine business leaders who know the success of Maine’s economy depends on well-educated, skilled and innovative workers. They also know children’s early experiences provide the foundation for success in school and work. That’s why MELIG leaders have chosen to invest in the healthy development of Maine’s youngest children and their families. They know it’s the surest way to improve student achievement and the quality of Maine’s workforce.



Wired for Life



 How Brains are Built: The Core Story of Brain Development


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