Here you will find links to the Maine people and organizations that make our systems change possible and sustainable.

Alliance for Children’s Care, Education, and Supporting Services
An alliance of early care and education providers and advocates whose mission is to ensure the availability of family focused services through collaborative relationships with traditional and non-traditional partners.

Center for Community Inclusion & Disability Studies (CCIDS)
Working to ensure that all infants, preschoolers, and children to age 12 have an opportunity to be cared for and educated in high quality, inclusive community early care and education settings. The website includes useful ‘tipsheets’ that cover the many topics that arise around child care settings, from developmentally appropriate practices, to child assessment, to legal issues.  The Center for Community Inclusion also has telephone consultation, email support, on-site consultation staff development and training activities, and a resource library to help Maine child care providers when they have questions or concerns about the children for whom they are caring.
Resource Links
CCIDS resources cover a myriad of topics including research and public policy, links to Maine and national organizations, technical assistance, instructional modules, periodicals, tip sheets, newsletters, and short publications. 

Maine Association for Infant Mental Health

Maine Children’s Alliance
An organization that advocates for sound public policies to improve the lives of all Maine's Children, Youth and Families.

Maine Children’s Cabinet
The mission of the Children's Cabinet is to actively collaborate to create and promote coordinated policies and service delivery systems that support children, families and communities.

Maine Division for Early Childhood
a national, non-profit membership organization designed for individuals who work with, or on behalf of, children with special needs, birth through age eight, and their families. Founded in 1973, DEC is dedicated to promoting policies and practices that support families and enhance the optimal development of children.

Family Resource Center
The Family Resource Center provides families that live in the Greater Seacoast with weekly playgroups, parenting support groups, parent education and other family-related services as part of a shared goal to grow and strengthen our community.

Maine Family Networks
A resource for Maine parents and families to network and share their experiences.

Maine Family Literacy Initiative
The Maine Family Literacy Initiative is a program of the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy designed to support the development and/or improvement of family literacy throughout the state of Maine. Family literacy programs must provide adult literacy, early childhood, and intergenerational literacy services to families with at least one adult reading at less than a 12th grade level and at least one child between the ages of birth and eight who is at risk at being unprepared for starting school. A distinctive feature of each recipient program is the collaboration among the various groups that provide services to adults, children and families.

Maine Parent Federation
A statewide private non-profit organization that provides information, advocacy, education, and training to parents and professionals to benefit all children. We promote individual aspirations and community inclusion for people with disabilities. Find information about: specific disabilities, parenting issues, education, services, support groups and other resources available to assist families and professionals within the home, school and community.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Maine Department of Education
Explore “Four Year Old Program”; “Child Development Services”; and
Even Start - “Adult Education” > “Literacy” > “William F. Goodling Even Start Family Literacy”

Maine Immunization Program
The Maine Immunization Program strives to ensure full protection of all Maine children and adults from vaccine-preventable disease. Through cooperative partnerships with public and private health practitioners and community members, the MIP provides vaccine, comprehensive education and technical assistance, vaccine-preventable disease tracking and outbreak control, accessible population-based management tools, and compassionate support services that link individuals into comprehensive health care systems.

Maine Public Health Nursing
Maine State Public Health Nurses are registered professional nurses, working to improve, preserve, and protect the health and quality of life for all Maine citizens.

Maine Roads to Quality (MRTQ)
MRTQ is committed to promoting and supporting professionalism in the early care and education field in an effort to lead Maine in creating and sustaining quality learning environments for our youth. MRTQ works with existing or potential community child care providers in supplementing their work with systematic and up-to-date training opportunities and through public recognition of the importance of these providers through professional certification of their achievements. 

Maine Office of Child Care and Head Start
The Office of Child Care and Head Start is an excellent source of information for parents, providers, and burgeoning child care facilities interested in the health and development of young children and their families. From information helping parents locate and pay for child care to resource development center information to the State of Child Care in Maine reports, this site truly covers a wide territory of interest.


Compiled by Elise Washer, VISTA Project Assistant to the Early Childhood Consultant, Maine Department of Education, Augusta, Maine.  November 14, 2007. 
The Maine Early Childhood Initiative is funded by the US DHHS, Health Resources and Services Administration-Maternal and Child Health Bureau,
Grant No. H25MC00266 and the US DHHS Administration for Children and Families, Grant No. 90SC0039/01.